Why you absolutely need a wedding video


1. I can't afford a wedding video. 

2. I don't need a wedding video. 

Two reasons why many couples opt out from the extra expense that having a wedding video incurs and live in eternal regret. 

LOL just kidding - BUT if you fall into either of the above categories, please... sit back, and relax - because this ones for you. 

Today we welcome some fresh talent to The Wedding Squad in the shape of Laura & Alan from This Modern Revelry and if you, like many others, came to the conclusion that it wasn't absolutely necessary to have your wedding filmed - you clearly haven't met these guys yet. 

Allow me to introduce you. 

 Image by Jessica Withey Photography

Image by Jessica Withey Photography

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We’re not ones for telling you what the most important investment for your wedding is because... well... f ANYONE telling you what to do (but especially when it comes to your wedding).




We will, however, say this:

⚡️deciding whether or not to have a wedding video is one of the most important things you'll do⚡️

There - we said it. But here's why.


All the feels

There is literally nothing quite like film for capturing how it felt to be there on the day. When your guests throw you up in the air on the dance floor – don’t you want to be able to replay how that felt, slow-mo style? A wedding film brings the same kick-ass-awesome vibe in SPADES. Seeing yourself and your closest friends and family in a film captures that moment in time – how you moved, walked, talked and partied – it’s a moving snapshot and that’s something insanely special.  Not only that but a highlights film that shows the very best bits of your best day ever – that’s something you’re going to want to share.


Photography is naturally, well… still and whilst they’re all about capturing the moments of smiling and the shots that will go in the album and on the wall, a wedding video is about capturing those in between moments. When you grab each other’s hands and whisper 'OMG WE DID IT'. It’s about your hands holding tightly on to each other as you strut back to your guests. It’s about the throw-your-arms around them, grandma congratulating you, best friend high-fiving, tiny little in-between bits. Photographs are super important, but so are videos - and the two go totally hand in hand.

In Between


Behind the scenes

Our couples always say that they saw loads of things in our films that they didn’t even know happened. Things that were going on while they were so nervous they couldn’t think about anything but walking down the aisle, or raving so hard on the dancefloor they didn’t notice every single person in the crowd around them. You’ll get to see more of your day – what’s not to love?


<<< P.S. This is actual footage of us. 


Firstly – videos are making a comeback. Scroll through your Facebook timeline now and what do you see? Endless videos. It’s cool to watch moving pictures that make you laugh, cry and donate to causes you’d never even heard of. Secondly – videographers being good seems like a relatively new thing. Photographs, flowers, hair and make up have been such a central part of weddings for so long and there are so many amazing people doing these things (I mean, just look at The Squad!), but videos have traditionally been an add on. Why? Because it was normally some old dude in the corner with a giant camera on a tripod and zero social skills. The video you’d get was ‘documentary’ (meaning four hours of footage from whichever corner the camera was left in). These days with the editing involved your wedding film can look like the slickest freaking music video you’ve ever seen. And who doesn’t want to be the star of that?



Post Wedding Blues

After the wedding, after the honeymoon – you might not be able to grab your album and take it to work with you, but if you need a little midday injection of happiness then your highlights film and a 3G connection has got your back.


Memories & Experience

Did you know that short clips of video is actually similar to how humans remember things? When you think about something you remember – do you remember it as still, or moving? Do you remember every single detail in a wide, panoramic view where everything is in focus, or is fast, up close moments that you can replay in your head in a matter of moments? That’s why a video can bring back how it all felt on the day. Not only that, but the experience of a wedding for most people is so intense that those up close moments will have more gaps than you’d expect. The right wedding film fills in those gaps in your memory and supports the amazing moments that you do remember.


It's all lies

Believe it or not, some people don’t have a wedding film because they were told that videographers and photographers don’t get on and it’s not worth having them fighting over the same shot on the day. Again, maybe this was the case in the past when video cameras were so huge they needed their own trolley but seriously, we’re all cool these days.



While of course you have to get a videographer that is going to be great on the day – it’s also all about what happens AFTER the day is over : the editing. A wedding film can be romantic, epic, dramatic, cinematic, fun, rocking – if you’ve been looking at films and you don’t think you need one, chances are you haven’t found the right one for you yet. The right edit will make you think OMG THIS IS WHAT OUR WEDDING SHOULD BE LIKE. Your wedding film is going to be all about the vibe and feel, so make sure it shows your wedding how YOU want it to.


And there it is.

The cold, hard truth 💘

But girl, please... if that wasn't enough to convince you - you should probably go ahead and watch our absolute fave highlights from 2017. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

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