Image by Janneke Storm

Image by Janneke Storm

Eloping to Las Vegas may sound like some kind of sequel to The Hangover, but it could actually be the answer to all of your wedding prayers.

Let’s face it, traditional weddings are typically arranged around the wishes, and budget of those pesky parents. But, here's the good news - it’s YOUR big day, so you should be calling (and drinking) the shots.

Break the mould, embrace that spontaneous beast within you - and go and do what hundreds of people only wish they had the guts to. 

Check out our 10 reasons why you should absolutely get your sweet ass to Vegas (and take us with you). 

1 - It Won’t Break the Bank 💰

It’s totally possible to have an outrageously cool wedding without spending a fortune.

These days most people can expect their wedding to cost upwards of 20 grand. Imagine a trip to Vegas with just half of that!? And with plenty of spending money in there to enjoy the 'important' things too - (You may want to keep an eye on your Mother-in-Law making a beeline for that roulette wheel tho...).

A wedding license in Vegas can cost as little as £50, and if you book well enough in advance, return flights could be as little as £450.00, leaving you with plenty of cash to spend on the fun stuff. Thanks Vegas!

2 - Anything Goes in Vegas ✌🏼

Always dreamed of a being married by a dwarf dressed as the StarChild from KISS? Whatever your fantasy, Vegas has seen it all.

It doesn’t matter how weird or niche your theme, Vegas will make sure you're #weddinggoals and your guests will be talking about it for the next 50 years. 

 Image by Janneke Storm

Image by Janneke Storm

Vegas Wedding - Janneke Storm - The Wedding Squad

3 - Get the Honeymoon & Wedding in One 🌵

No one wants to jump on a long flight straight after their wedding reception, am I right?

One of the of the best things about a Vegas wedding is that you get the ceremony, honeymoon and guest accommodation all in one place, so you can spend more time enjoying yourself with your brand new hub-bae.

4 - Guaranteed Good Weather ☀️

While an English wedding can be great, let’s be honest: you can expect grey skies. 

In Vegas, the weather is beautifully warm all year round. Your guests will be dry, your photographs will be #goals and you can slay in that sick outfit knowing no unexpected wind or rain will ruin your day. 

 Image by Let Me Show You Love

Image by Let Me Show You Love

 Image by Let Me Show You Love

Image by Let Me Show You Love

5 - Booking is Easy 👍🏼

Organising a wedding can turn even the most laid-back gal into a stressed-out old hag.

Girl, we've got you - or rather, Vegas has.

The whole booking process is super easy, so you can put more energy into the stuff that matters (like um, hello - isn’t the flavour of wedding cake the real priority here?)

And luckily for you, our RAD suppliers LOVE to travel - And, if you're saving all that money - why not fly the best makeup artist you know out to Vegas to be part of your squad?! 

6 - Eliminate Stress 👊🏼

There’s so much to stay on top of with a traditional wedding that it’s LITERALLY impossible not to get stressed and wish he'd never proposed. With a Vegas wedding - you can keep it simple, still be in love, and focus all your energy on having the best days of your life.

 Image by Ashley Marie Myers

Image by Ashley Marie Myers

7 - Forget Any Unwanted Guests 👋🏼

Let’s face it, we’ve all got those guests whose invitations we pray will get lost in the post. That’s cool - it’s YOUR day, so why let your creepy boss ruin the mood? 

A Vegas wedding will filter out any unwanted extras, so you can get lit with the perfect entourage of your nearest and dearest in tow - #squadgoals all round. 

Free People - Vegas Elopement - The Wedding Squad


8 - Follow in the Footsteps of the Stars 🌟

Tons of A-list celebrities have walked down the aisle in Vegas, including Angelina Jolie, Frank Sinatra, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Cindy Crawford and Jon Bon Jovi. Babe, if it’s good enough for them…



9 - It’s the Perfect Place for the Afterparty 💃🏼

The best bit of the wedding is obvs the party afterwards - and what better place for your reception than Vegas, the capital of afterparties?

Head down to Fremont Street (the old Las Vegas Strip) for the weird and wonderful (boobies literally EVERYWHERE & and a zipline overhead), or up to a rooftop pool party at a swanky casino. Remember, 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'.

10 - You’ll Never Forget a Vegas Wedding ⚡️

Whether it's that very permanent tattoo on your arm, or the photographic evidence of your shenanigans (that you should never delete btw) , one thing’s for sure - this is a story for the grandkids. 

Your guests will be talking about it for years; and the people who didn’t go may never forgive you for the total FOMO they have to live with for the rest of their lives. 

 Image by Janneke Storm

Image by Janneke Storm

Las Vegas Wedding - Ainsley & Sebastian - The Wedding Squad

So, that's settled - Vegas it is.

We'll be waiting for the invite. 😘

The Squad x

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