8 EPIC ELOPEMENT DESTINATIONS for the adventurous couple.

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Let's be honest - are you even real if you haven't, at least once throughout your wedding planning process, considered eloping?

With the cost of throwing a wedding getting more and more expensive, and the pressure of having the most pinterest-worthy set up there is, why WOULDN'T you book the first flight outta here?  

Long gone are the days when elopements came with connotations of 'shotgun wedding'. We're hailing in the new age where you're no longer expected to cater for the crowds, or pay the 'over-budget' venue costs. 

From colossal rock canyons, to temples in Thailand, today we're dishing out 8 of the most epic elopement destinations we've ever laid our eyes upon. You watch - suddenly a marquee in your nan's back garden won't seem so appealing. 

1. iceland ❄️

With it's epic green cliff tops, lava fields, black sand beaches, glacier lagoons, and ice caves - Iceland is definitely for the more adventurous duo willing to brave the most varied of landscapes. 

There's nowhere else in the world like Iceland, and what better backdrop could you ask for?

 Photography by  Gabe McClintock

Photography by Gabe McClintock

 Photography by  Pat Furey  

Photography by Pat Furey 

 Photgraphy by  Nordica Photography

Photgraphy by Nordica Photography


A strong contender for the top of our bucket list, and a firm desktop background favourite - it's Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. Walk through the giant slabs of red rock in nearby 'Slot Canyon' for the most epic of photographs.

 Photography by  Pricila Valentina

Photography by Pricila Valentina



It wouldn't be right to write a post about eloping without featuring the most iconic elopement destination of them all - VEGAS.

If you don't take yourselves too seriously - this ones for you. Enjoy a tacky drive-through ceremony, or have Elvis officiate your marriage. What's not to love? 

 Photography by  Janneke Storm  

Photography by Janneke Storm 

Las Vegas Elopement - The Wedding Squad
Las Vegas Elopement - Janneke Storm - The Wedding Squad

The temples of THAILAND 🐘

Why not venture to South-east Asia and get hitched in front of an ancient temple ? 

Also, Elephants... is there really anything else you need to know?

 Photography by  Gustavo Franco

Photography by Gustavo Franco

Thailand Elopement - The Wedding Squad
Thailand Elopement - The Wedding Squad


Fancy getting hitched in the desert? Joshua Tree is for the laid-back pair - offering up shed loads of cacti, gorgeous sunsets and vast starry skies.

Joshua Tree Elopement
 Photography by  Amy Lyn n

Photography by Amy Lynn

 Photography by  Emily Wren

Photography by Emily Wren


One of the most other-wordly destinations we've ever come across - it's the salt flats in Bolivia. 

These salt flats are the legacy of a pre-historic lake that dried up - leaving an expanse of bright-white, reflective salt.

Apparently it's known for having flamingos too. G O A L S ! 

 Photography by Katya Mukhina 

Photography by Katya Mukhina 

Bolivia Elopement - The Wedding Squad
Bolivia Salt Flats Elopement - The Wedding Squad


When we thought of Fiji, we envisioned white sands and turquoise seas. But to our surprise - there's so much more to Fiji than the gorgeous beaches. Rugged landscapes, and clear blue lagoons - this ones for the couple ready to take the plunge.

 Photography by  Kama Catch Me

Photography by Kama Catch Me

Fiji Elopement - The Wedding Squad

While some may be worried about offending family members, or excluding people from the day, many couples have found that family members are actually really supportive of the idea of eloping. 

Ultimately, your wedding is about you and the person you love, committing to spend your lives together. Don't let anyone make it about them or their preferences. You do you, honey boo boo!

We're ALL about adventuring with our couples, and to photograph some epic elopements is high on our bucket list. What better backdrop could you ask for than one of the destinations above? Guaranteed your friends and family will be dying over your wedding album.

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Can you imagine yourself eloping with your loved one? Where would you go? Let us know in the comments below!