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w h o  a r e   w e ?

Wedding Squad Founders - Adam & Jess - Husband & Wife  - Photography Video


We're Adam and Jess - Bonnie & Clyde, husband and wife, video & photography partners in crime and founders of 'The Wedding Squad'.

I'm a total cat lady and he'll do anything for a bowl of Lucky Charms. 

First things first, right?


The chances are, you, like us, were getting bored out of your brains looking through the hundreds and thousands of wedding suppliers with identical websites and calligraphy logos - and you somehow found yourself here. 


L O L  (but for real)


We decided to set up The Wedding Squad for brides & grooms just like you. The ones who give the middle finger to tradition and do whatever the hell they want. We think you're pretty awesome.





if you've got to be a bride, be a cool one. 💘 

So, let's get something straight. We're not another directory. The Wedding Squad is an agency representing hand-picked, KICK ASS creatives for your wedding day. Suppliers cannot pay their way into The Squad, instead we hand-pick who we represent, saving you hours of trawling the web trying to find a team cool enough for your wedding day. We're not about one certain style or aesthetic - we're about hooking up brides & grooms with suppliers that are just as rad as they are.

We're a bridal squad that's got your back. We can turn it up, be both a sister and a professional, a stand-in groomsman, comedian, therapist, makeup toucher-upper, party starter - or just a voice of reason on a day when tensions are high - and basically we should all be BFF's.

Why the hell would you hire anyone else?  

This is the ULTIMATE entourage.

Oh, and the best news? Because we just love working together so damn much - you won't find better prices by contacting any of us directly. Squad brides get all the perks.

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Interested in joining the squad?

We hand-pick who we represent - but if you think you've got something we're missing -  hit us up! We're always ready to hear from suppliers that are kicking ass!

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